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The way and manner in which we give speaks well of our character. If you’re giving from your heart, give properly. Don’t say because it’s no more yours or it’s just a gift, you can give it out anyhow. At least, package the gift properly before giving it out.

Why am I saying this?

One time, a colleague of mine, out of the person’s free will, decided to give me a sneaker which the person thought would look good on me. I agreed to take it. The person then said; “I placed my shoe on it that’s why it’s black”. I looked at it critically and realized that even the inside and under of the sneakers were dirty. I just shook my head.

Guess what your girl did next. She returned it. Yes, I returned it. It wasn’t even my size though so I didn’t bother trying it. It’s called self respect. I respect myself enough to be treated better. You are giving something to someone without you being forced. Why don’t you do it wholeheartedly? Of course if you give wholeheartedly, you make the gift presentable.

Don’t think you’re being “too known” for rejecting it. You know your worth and respect yourself. If you respect yourself, you’d give wholeheartedly.

Imagine if God treats you according to the way you give. Ask yourself, will I be happy?

In some cases, people have good intentions of giving. You can accept the gift if the person explains to you why the gift isn’t in a good condition. If it doesn’t happen that way, you can decide to tell the person in a polite way that you won’t accept it.

Let’s learn to treat everyone with respect according to how we want God to treat us.



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