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Words of affirmations are really strong but underrated.
Words of affirmations can get you whatever you wish for when you work towards them.
In general, the tongue is a powerful tool.

If you say to yourself, “I’ll be successful”, you will definitely be successful.
If you also say to yourself , “I’m not good enough and I can’t do it. Even people say I’m a dullard so there’s no need to say anything good about myself” darling, you will never make it. Know this;
1. People’s opinions about you don’t matter (cliché but true). They’ll only matter when you don’t work on yourself to debunk those negative words.
2. You are too special not to have the good things life has to offer.

Before death, there’s life. So live wisely while life lasts.

Here are some words of affirmations I love. Remember that, whatever you feed your mind with, you become.

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