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Lent is a 40 day period of prayer, fasting and giving alms.

But, should these acts be executed only in the Lenten season? Your answer is as good as mine. NO.

We must develop the habit of praying everyday and not only during specific seasons. Make everyday special in order to receive special blessings.

Randomly give to those who genuinely can’t give back. That’s how we receive our blessings. Sometimes we eat and dispose the rest because we can’t eat everything. Think about the child on the street who hasn’t eaten. Think about parents with children who can’t afford to feed their families.

The only time we need something urgently from God is when we fast. Fasting should be a habitual activity. It does so many miracles. Try fasting on the day you were born. Do it always and not just in the Lenten season.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in higher positions, forgetting where we’re coming from. We gossip, insult, behave rudely towards people because we’re above them and a whole lot. We’ve promised to fast during this Lenten season in order to put an end to these bad attitudes.

Why don’t you just stop acting that way at once? We should learn to put aside such acts forever and not just for a period of time.

Lent is a period to develop our spiritual lives and to draw more closer to God. In doing so, let’s ask Him for the grace to do good at all times and to put an end to the bad actions we used to have.

Even as the season is gradually coming to an end, let’s continue to “lent” everyday. Thus, don’t stop praying, fasting or giving alms.


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