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Kali is a brave young lady who rights out the wrongs of people’s doing. She doesn’t mind whether you’re older than her or not. She expresses herself and speaks her mind when she has to.

Nothing really bothers her. She’s financially independent, eats good food, travels, hangs out with friends and so on. She lives a good life; just that she’s sensitive to some comments.

She entered the office one Monday morning and Mrs. Dickens, her supervisor, said to her;

Gosh! I just realised that you’re so slim. Don’t you eat? Do you have intestines at all? You won’t get a man if you continue to look like this”.

In a way, thank God for the wearing of nose masks. Her facial expressions weren’t so visible but she put on a smirk. Deep within her, she was hurt.

She thought about it throughout the day. Her self-esteem was lowered. This isn’t the first, second nor third time someone has told her that.

She tried to approach her supervisor about her feelings but she was ignored.

Kali tried to adjust her nose mask in order to cover her face well because she had so many blackspots.

Someone might talk about my blackspots. I’ve already lost the confidence I have”. She said to herself.

On her way home after work, without consulting a doctor, she bought some multivitamins so that she that can be able to eat to gain more flesh.

Days, weeks, months and years passed but she was still the same.

People continued to point fingers at her. This time, she decided to absent herself from work.

Months after, she received an email from her workplace which says that she’s been sacked for not showing up at work without permission.

She was shattered. Disturbed. Shocked.

She got tired of everything that was happening and decided to commit suicide.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, learn to Love Yourself. There cannot be another you. Appreciate your God-given body. Some people are sensitive to these things so they can’t defend themselves. Suicide is never an option.

Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself;

“I’m beautiful”. “I don’t care what people say about me”. “I love you”. “God is the greatest architect and He designed me into perfection”. “He made me in His image and likeness”.

And to those who are guilty of body shaming others, mind your business and focus on yourselves. Someone’s physical appearance doesn’t concern you in any way. If you can’t fix their problems without speaking to them in a nice way within 2 seconds, don’t talk about it.

The world will be a better place if we’re able to speak positive words into each other’s lives. There’s no harm in telling someone “you’re beautiful the way you are” or “you’re handsome the way you are”.


Ps: Names used in this short story are pseudonyms.


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