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Why are you worried about 2020 being a bad year? Yes, coronavirus has taken so many lives but, people die everyday. The only thing is you wouldn’t know the day nor time you or someone will go.

Many people have already given up on 2020 because of how things are looking. GOD IS STILL ANSWERING PRAYERS! But, hold on. What if your breakthrough comes on 31st December? Would you wait for it or you have still given up? Will you still frame 2020 as a bad year? Hang in there! God is still in the miracle business. Just wait.

It’s understandable that we can’t come into terms with how bad some things are getting. Remember that, you become what you think and say. If you have already told yourself that, nothing good is going to happen again before the year ends, then nothing good will work out for you because that is what you have proclaimed over your life.

Speak positivity into your life and it will manifest! Great things have worked out and are still working out for people even in this difficult time. Some have been innovative in several ways and it’s turning into a lucrative business. Others have taken online courses and are applying the knowledge into something useful. The amount of data you use, should be able to put something in your pocket after you’ve exhausted it. If it doesn’t, then you’re actually spending too much money without getting a positive result.

There is no need to complain about how things are messed up. Being alive itself is a huge blessing.

You still think things won’t work out? Take them to the Lord in prayer no matter how little they may be, work towards it and don’t forget to thank Him when you receive what you prayed for.


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