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We are currently living in dangerous and abnormal times. A season where things are not normal. A season that has made life uneasy in one way or the other. A season where we can not go about our normal duties.

This season has its good and bad side. The good side, you have time to expand or achieve the goals you want. You have time to innovate something new which will benefit yourself and others. You have time to spend with your family because you are indoors. For the latter, you do not have time to increase your social connections physically, you cannot go to school to interact with your lecturers and colleagues physically, you cannot travel to that country at the specific month you wanted, you cannot buy some things because you do not know how it will be handled. Social events have been cancelled, you cannot even visit a friend or family member who is in the hospital. Even if you can, there will be some restrictions which will make you uncomfortable. The list is endless.

Some unscrupulous people are even using this period as an opportunity to defraud people just because it is safer transacting business online. Others are distributing face masks with chloroform in them just so they can carry on with their evil deeds.

Is this a way of God saying that His people have neglected Him for a long time so He wants us to be destructed by this deadly disease so that we run back to Him? Is it a way of showing Himself to people who think He does not exist?

So many people have died, some are on the verge of dying and others who have been infected are thinking whether they will make it alive or not. If they had known earlier that a time will come where the little things we take for granted; hugging our loved ones, shaking hands with people, will be banned for some time, do you not think they would have done better and also spend more time with their families?

Some people on their sick beds are giving their lives to Christ. What happened when they were healthy? What were they doing? Do you only remember God when you find yourself in a difficult situation?

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God is so merciful that He would not remind you of your past sins before He forgives you. He only takes you back if and only if you repent wholeheartedly.

If you have the privilege of reading this, do not take your family for granted. Chat, laugh, share and most importantly, pray together for yourselves and the world as a whole. This is the time to make up for the time lost and apologize to each other if you wronged them.

If you know anyone who lives alone, give the person a call or send a message. Tell them how much you love and care for them.

Take God seriously as you are taking these precautions against the virus serious and continue to take them serious if the virus becomes a thing of the past. No one is supposed to tell you to take care of yourself before you do.

If you have given your life to Christ and given up your bad ways because you are scared to get infected, continue to follow Christ even after the virus vanishes from the system and do not go back to your old ways. What may come next might be severe than what we are seeing.

A word to a wise…


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