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So it’s the longest vacation university students have been waiting for. A big congratulations to those who have completed school. Now the question is, what next?

I’m done with school. What next?

I’m done with exams. What next?

Dear friends, please take advantage of this 3 months vacation by learning a skill. Besides, it’s not everything you learnt in school that would be applied. If you have little ideas about Microsoft office, why don’t you take this opportunity to learn more about it? There are so many free online courses. You can check out Udemy for more. Learn something that’ll bring happiness to you and those around you. Make sure it yields into something good. Do an internship, not because people are doing it but because you have objectives for it. Intern at a company not because of prestige or money. Even if it’s an unpaid internship, go for it. Just see it as a volunteering program. You’re learning how to shape yourself in a professional sector for the future. The money will come later.
Don’t let this vacation go waste. After the vacation, don’t be same person you were before. Let there be a form of growth in you. It’s not too late to start something new. I always advice that, the things you find difficult, you should try to involve yourself in them. That way, you can manoeuvre your way through challenges in the future. They make you stronger and more determined. Also remember that, your health is important. Eat good food! I mean a balanced diet. Cut down on junk foods. And eat at the right time. Don’t forget to exercise as well. Don’t say you’re too small or slim to exercise. You exercise to keep the body fit. Take care of your mental health too. Don’t stress yourself on people who take you for granted. There’s more to life than worrying over something that won’t bring you what you need. Love everyone irrespective of age. You don’t know who you’ll need in future.

Lastly and most importantly, DON’T FORGET GOD! Ask Him to direct you on the path to take. Pray always. He listens! If you think He’s not answering you, it doesn’t mean He hasn’t heard you. He has but will answer at the right time. Put every single thing to God in prayer.

Have a fruitful vacation filled with unending joy!


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