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These days, most people are eager to achieve success without going through any form of difficulty. How is that possible?

For me, failure is sweet ๐Ÿ˜‚ even though it is terrible. The sweetest part of it is when you learn your lesson, take it seriously and apply it in your next opportunity. The end result is fantastic.

Of course people will talk about you, say negative things, laugh at you, mock you and so on. Allow them. Do not retaliate. They will be the same people to come for help and when they do, please lend a helping hand. Learn to embrace challenges. They help you grow. They make you stronger than you think.

STOP TAKING SHORTCUTS! Pass through the mud and come out successfully “dirty”. Have you failed that paper? Retake it! Failed that job interview? Reapply! Easier said than done, right? Worry not! God always sees our struggles and shows up even at unexpected times. Life won’t be smooth always. DON’T. GIVE. UP.


4 responses to “DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILURE”

  1. Amen you only succeed to what you put into life if you fail and get knocked down then pick yourself back up again and show people how strong you really are even if you feel alone at times.God is by your side. YOUR an inspiration to others Adele I’m very much like you positive all the way. May God bless you keep up the amazing work xxx

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