Why are you worried about 2020 being a bad year? Yes, coronavirus has taken so many lives but, people die everyday. The only thing is you wouldn’t know the day nor time you or someone will go.

Many people have already given up on 2020 because of how things are looking. GOD IS STILL ANSWERING PRAYERS! But, hold on. What if your breakthrough comes on 31st December? Would you wait for it or you have still given up? Will you still frame 2020 as a bad year? Hang in there! God is still in the miracle business. Just wait.

It’s understandable that we can’t come into terms with how bad some things are getting. Remember that, you become what you think and say. If you have already told yourself that, nothing good is going to happen again before the year ends, then nothing good will work out for you because that is what you have proclaimed over your life.

Speak positivity into your life and it will manifest! Great things have worked out and are still working out for people even in this difficult time. Some have been innovative in several ways and it’s turning into a lucrative business. Others have taken online courses and are applying the knowledge into something useful. The amount of data you use, should be able to put something in your pocket after you’ve exhausted it. If it doesn’t, then you’re actually spending too much money without getting a positive result.

There is no need to complain about how things are messed up. Being alive itself is a huge blessing.

You still think things won’t work out? Take them to the Lord in prayer no matter how little they may be, work towards it and don’t forget to thank Him when you receive what you prayed for.


It all began when she wanted to change her two year old smartphone. Nothing is wrong with the phone. It’s working perfectly. She just feels like changing it to get the latest one which came the following year. She wants to ‘fit into society’. She’s always on social media, admiring what people have. It gets to a point where she even cries because she wants to be like others. In this Covid-19 era, she wants all the dresses, human hair, latest gadgets etc.

Whom do you want to impress? Why can’t we be content with what we have and save a little for the future? Covid-19 is drawing a lot of people to God while others are moving away from Him into the world of vanity. Material possessions. We sometimes want to have everything. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! We can’t have it all. The most disheartening thing is, people who have it all, keep giving to those who are wealthy and snob those who don’t have, even when they ask.
If God is using this pandemic to test our level of having material things, then most people have failed. Be content with what you have and share the little you can. It’s cliché but someone out there needs to hear this again. Everything is temporary.
We always want to be like someone. Do you know what that person is doing behind the scenes? Let’s stop envying what people have or what people look like because we don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Most people won’t tell you the truth about what they go through before getting to where they are now.

Also, don’t let anyone put your spirit down by talking about your looks. Whether you’re fat or slim, tall or short, beard or beard less. When the Lord gets ready, you have to move.
Be grateful for how you look. We follow what we see on social media and when something different happens to us, we say God doesn’t like us. Exercise to keep fit. If you know you can’t reach a limit, don’t force yourself. People are killing themselves slowly because they want to look like others. If it’s not working for you, why are you forcing yourself? Appreciate your looks.

And to those who have been talking about how people look, think about their mental health before you criticize. You don’t know what they go through before you add your “dirty talks” to their problems. Let them be. Some of these things have been said so many times but you need to hear them again. Covid-19 is letting people do silly stuff. From stigmatizing, to criticising, to owning unnecessary things.
Let’s be guided. Ask the Holy Spirit for directions before you say or do something. I know some people will say that you don’t have to involve the Holy Spirit in everything you do. It is very important to involve the Holy Spirit in your every day life so that you don’t go astray from where God wants you to be.

I happen to participate in the ongoing Pentecost Novena in my church online. For those who don’t know, the Pentecost Novena happens every once in a year in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. The Novena is for nine days only. I’ll leave the link below so that you can watch the playback of every session. On the 5th day of the Novena, the speaker, Rev. Fr. Silas Sapaty encouraged us to ask the Holy Spirit for directions in everything. Be it the dresses we want to wear or getting missing in town. Ask the Holy Spirit for directions.
I also watched a live session on Lady Pastor Kukua Asihene’s Instagram page where her husband used a bird analogy with reference to loving or keeping the Holy Spirit close to you. Here’s the bird analogy;

Imagine a bird was put on your shoulder and you’re to keep it for 3 days without letting it move, in order to get a million pounds, what will you do?

Some interesting answers were given. So in this case, imagine the bird is the Holy Spirit. In order to make it stay, you’d make it love you more so it doesn’t fly away. You might as well give it food. So in order to let the Holy Spirit remain in you, feed it with the Word. Ask Him for guidance. Involve Him in every single area of your life.

Let’s stop being eager to have things that won’t last forever. Let’s stop worrying ourselves over things that’ll pass within a second.

Let me leave you with this thought provoking question. Imagine being so aggressive to buy something that is trending. Everyone has it so you also hurry to get it and the world ends in the next minute. Will you take it along with you?

Pentecost Novena (Day 5)- https://youtu.be/sxklYS5dnkE
Kukua Asihene- https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAL5ep9n8yw/?igshid=19hu66sb58tg9


We are currently living in dangerous and abnormal times. A season where things are not normal. A season that has made life uneasy in one way or the other. A season where we can not go about our normal duties.

This season has its good and bad side. The good side, you have time to expand or achieve the goals you want. You have time to innovate something new which will benefit yourself and others. You have time to spend with your family because you are indoors. For the latter, you do not have time to increase your social connections physically, you cannot go to school to interact with your lecturers and colleagues physically, you cannot travel to that country at the specific month you wanted, you cannot buy some things because you do not know how it will be handled. Social events have been cancelled, you cannot even visit a friend or family member who is in the hospital. Even if you can, there will be some restrictions which will make you uncomfortable. The list is endless.

Some unscrupulous people are even using this period as an opportunity to defraud people just because it is safer transacting business online. Others are distributing face masks with chloroform in them just so they can carry on with their evil deeds.

Is this a way of God saying that His people have neglected Him for a long time so He wants us to be destructed by this deadly disease so that we run back to Him? Is it a way of showing Himself to people who think He does not exist?

So many people have died, some are on the verge of dying and others who have been infected are thinking whether they will make it alive or not. If they had known earlier that a time will come where the little things we take for granted; hugging our loved ones, shaking hands with people, will be banned for some time, do you not think they would have done better and also spend more time with their families?

Some people on their sick beds are giving their lives to Christ. What happened when they were healthy? What were they doing? Do you only remember God when you find yourself in a difficult situation?

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God is so merciful that He would not remind you of your past sins before He forgives you. He only takes you back if and only if you repent wholeheartedly.

If you have the privilege of reading this, do not take your family for granted. Chat, laugh, share and most importantly, pray together for yourselves and the world as a whole. This is the time to make up for the time lost and apologize to each other if you wronged them.

If you know anyone who lives alone, give the person a call or send a message. Tell them how much you love and care for them.

Take God seriously as you are taking these precautions against the virus serious and continue to take them serious if the virus becomes a thing of the past. No one is supposed to tell you to take care of yourself before you do.

If you have given your life to Christ and given up your bad ways because you are scared to get infected, continue to follow Christ even after the virus vanishes from the system and do not go back to your old ways. What may come next might be severe than what we are seeing.

A word to a wise…


It was a rainy day but Arya had to get ready for her first job interview. She had no choice than to go in the rain because her life depended on it. It was a take-it-or-leave-it job interview with no regard for the weather. She dressed up in a nude blazer, black inner, pants and boots and with her long hair tied up in a bun.

En route, she bumped into Lexie; a smallish cute lady with short hair, who was dressed like a High School student going for lectures. Arya exclaimed;

“Hey! Watch where you’re going, kid! Don’t you know I’ve got something important to do?!”

Lexie smiled and apologized;

“I’m sorry, ma’am”

Image from Canva

Arya got to the office and went to the receptionist. She submitted her C.V and was shown a seat to wait for the interview to commence. As the receptionist sent her C.V to the Manager’s office.

Lexie walked in and her eyes met with Arya’s. Giving her usual smile, she begun a chat with Arya but before she knew it, Arya whispered to her quietly but rudely;

“Looking at your stature, I know you’re here to see someone. I’m here for an interview. You’ve ruined my day already. Get your little self up and mind your business.”

Lexie stood up quietly and said to Arya:

“All the best.”

Arya was the third person to be interviewed. Before she entered the Manager’s office, she said a quick prayer.

Lo and behold, she saw Lexie seated. She sighed and asked:

“You again! Anyway, I’m looking for the Manager.”

Lexie replied with a smile:

“I am she.”

Arya shook her head and left the office to ask the receptionist the whereabouts of the Manager. The receptionist replied:

“The Manager is in her office. Her name is Madam Lexie.”

Arya was stunned. She returned to Lexie’s office and with calmness in her voice, she apologized:

“I am truly sorry for what happened earlier. I promise to do my best if I am accepted into this company.”

With Lexie’s mind already made up, she told Arya:

“I’m sorry but you do not fit for this company. We take priority in people who have respect for everyone no matter how they look. Here’s your C.V. All the best in life.”

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Arya left the office in shame.

MORAL LESSON: Physique is deceptive. Stop judging people according to their appearance or accent. You may lose an important opportunity that your life will depend on. Know how to talk to people irrespective of how they look.

NB: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The word “quarantine” is pronounced /ˈkwɒr.ən.tiːn/ as in [KWORR] + [UHN] + [TEEN] and not [KWORR] +[UHN] +[TAIN]

Verbs; quarantined [KWORR]+[UHN]+[TEENED], quarantining [KWORR]+[UHN]+[TEENING]

Source: Google


He comes from a very small family. His parents are divorced. No aunties, no uncles, no siblings. His parents have left him to his fate. He didn’t know who to stay with since he loved both parents. He tried solving their issues but they had already made up their minds to separate; the divorce papers had been signed. He lived on the streets with no food, no water, no money, no shelter.

Being asthmatic, he had no choice than to rob a pharmacy for medication. He got caught by the owner of the Pharmacy. Trying to run, Baxter pulled his dress. He didn’t struggle, but stood still. With tears in his eyes and shivers all over him, he explained his ordeal.

“I am Steven. I come from a very small family. My parents are divorced. I don’t know who to stay with because I love both parents. I am asthmatic. Living on the streets with no money, no food, no water, no shelter, I decided to steal some medications to feel okay. I know what I’ve done is bad. Please forgive me.”

Baxter was speechless. The only thing he thought of was to help Steven instead of reporting him to the Police. He gave him a job as a cleaner. He didn’t stop there. He enrolled him in college to take any online course of his choice for two years.

After two years, Steven graduated on the college’s campus with distinction. In his speech as a valedictorian, he expressed his profound gratitude to Baxter for giving him the help he never thought he’d receive.

Months later, Steven built his own IT company which is now the biggest IT company that ever existed. To his surprise, he met his mum in front of his company. He took her inside and offered her food and water. They spoke for a long time. He asked about his dad but unfortunately, he passed away a year ago. Her house was also gutted by fire. She had lost everything. She apologised to him for leaving him to live life on his own. They reconciled and had dinner that evening.

Steven bought a house for his mum and built a salon for her. Life became beautiful again.

MORAL LESSON: No matter the situation you find yourself in, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. It may take years for things to become right. Don’t force things to come to you. When someone helps you, make sure to help another person even in the little way you can.
Good things come in unexpected ways to those who give a helping hand. Everything will be fine at the right time. Don’t forget to give someone a helping hand today.

NB: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


•7th March, 2019 – 7th March, 2020

Coming out of my shell has been one difficult thing to do so on the 7th of March 2019, I decided to expose a bit of myself. I was scared. Why? I had so many questions in mind.

“Will people read?”, “Is it relevant?”, “What if it’s not worth it?”, “Can I take criticisms? If yes, how will I handle them?”, “What if people make fun of me?” and so on.

I had written quite a number of articles since 2017. I actually don’t know what I was waiting for to get it published. Maybe I was waiting for the “right time”.

Last year, I realised that, if I had started my blog in 2017, I’d have been “somewhere” today. I just wasn’t ready for the exposure. I felt I was too young to start. A big mistake I made then.

LESSONS LEARNED AND SOME ADVICE TO YOU: Don’t feel intimidated by what people say or will say about you. Don’t wait for the “right time” to start something good. Just start. Make the mistakes. Allow the criticisms to pour in. It’s up to you to decide how you’d handle it. Stop associating your youthfulness with your passion; “I’m too young”, “I’m too small”, “People will bully me”. You have a big GOD. Who or what are you scared of?
Make sure to involve God in your decision making if not, you’ll regret later in life and would have to go back to square one to make things right. It’s not bad though, just that you’ve lost quality time. There’s no time at all. Start that business now no matter how little your capital is. Take up that leadership position. Learn something new every day. Learn how to save money. Stop the unnecessary shopping and do something profitable with the money. We spend a lot of money on data. Have you thought of doing something lucrative with the data to get the money back?
Think about it.

Henceforth, tell yourself that, you’re going to make yourself proud to the extent that you’ll be surprised. Come out of your shells and expose yourself to greater opportunities.

Lastly, when you have agreed to do something but confusion sets in, talk to someone about it. You might not know where your help will come from. And please, when you’re approached, make time to listen to the person. It’s nice when you help someone when he or she is in doubt.

I thank God for making this one year possible and thank you all for sticking around even when I wasn’t consistent 🙈. Something bigger is coming.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


This is obviously the last post for the year. I’m thankful to God for helping me unleash this initiative. I’m also thankful for the sweet comments, criticisms, and topic suggestions. They make me better.

I never thought people from 32 countries will have access to my blog. To those who share my posts, God richly bless you 🙏🏽. I’m really grateful for your support.

15 posts in nine months!!!😫😫. It hasn’t been easy but God’s grace kept me and still keeps me going. The best is yet to come, I believe.

One thing I’ve learned this year is to start what you want to achieve. Don’t wait to be perfect. Don’t wait for a new year. Start now. Make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

There’s nothing wrong with starting a business on 31st December. You can end a year on a good note by achieving your biggest goal.

May we see each other next year in good health and sound mind.

A glorious New Year to you all 🎊🎉🥳.

Now, let’s raise our glasses in cheering 2020 because we know by faith that, it has something good in store for us.

Shall we? 🥂

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It’s the last month of the year and we ought to be so thankful to God. It’s not by magic that we’re still alive.

Don’t forget the reason for the season, Jesus Christ, when you’re making merry. Pray, pray and pray. The devil isn’t on strike. Know how and where to eat. Enjoy yourself but be very careful.

Christmas is about adding value. Spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones. This, even, should be a daily routine and not just during the Christmas season.

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Make sure to put a smile on someone’s face. Give wholeheartedly. Some people are always expecting gifts but never want to give. Give to people who won’t be able to give back. That’s how we receive our blessings through giving.

Appreciate every gift you receive no matter how little it is.

Spend wisely. Don’t use all your December salary and Christmas bonus on chilling 😂😂. January is staring at you. The only month that behaves like a year 😂.

Christmas is also a source of stress for many people. Give yourself time to relax this Christmas season. It sounds impossible to some people. Remember that your health is important. You’ll need energy to return to work.

May we all have a peaceful celebration without any form of casualties.

Have fun and take care of yourself this season.

Happy holidays! 🎉


This post is different from the normal and a bit longer too regardless of the blog name 😁. Hope you learn something from it.

Do you sometimes get confused about selecting a career that suits your personality?

Dr. John L. Holland, an American Psychologist, has made it easy for us by developing six personality types on a hexagon, which is abbreviated, RIASEC.

RIASEC simply stands for Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Image from Pinterest

These are the following traits under the various codes.

Realistic: practical, concrete, hands-on, machine, tool-oriented.

People under this code involve themselves in activities that are practical, work on hands-on problems and find solutions to them. They sometimes also deal with real world materials such as; animals, plants, wood, tools and machinery stuff. Many of the occupations do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others.

Investigative: analytical, intellectual, scientific, explorative, thinker

People under this code work with an extensive amount of thinking. These occupations can involve researching for facts and figuring out problems mentally. They also like to study and solve maths or science problems.

Artistic: art, drama, dance, music, inventive, crafts, media, graphics, writing

Artistic occupations involve working with designs, patterns and forms. It often requires self expression and the world can be done without following fixed rules. They see themselves to be original and independent.

Social: cooperative, supporting, helping, healing/nurturing, teaching

These occupations involve communicating with and teaching people. People under this code often help and provide services to others. They are friendly and trustworthy.

Enterprising: competitive environments, leadership, persuading

These occupations involve carrying out self projects. They involve people that like to lead and make decisions. They also deal with business and sometimes require risk taking. They also see themselves to be energetic and ambitious.

Conventional: detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

Conventional occupations involve people who follow a set of procedures. Such occupations include working with data and details more than working with ideas. They are good at working with numbers in a systematic way. Usually, there is a clear line of authority to follow.

Now, in creating your Holland Code, Dr. Holland didn’t say that a person is just one of these types. If it is so, then there would be only six types of people in the world.

However, only 3 letters are necessary to create a useful description. So, a Holland Code is a three-letter code that is made up of an individual’s controlling personality types, out of the six.

For instance, you can have a code that will be SEA. This means that, the person has the traits of being social, enterprising and artistic. Some occupations under this code are: Public Relations Specialists, Music Producers, Clergy, Firefighters, Cosmetologists, News Analysts, Script Writers etc.

These codes increase the satisfaction of your career selection and also enable you to match your interests, skills, traits and abilities.

The closer your personality type aligns with your work environment, the more likely you are to find fulfillment at work.

If you want to know your Holland Code, you can visit the Careers and Counseling Centre at the University of Ghana or see any Psychologist to take the test.

Holland Codes carrer test (2019). Retrieved from https://www.123test.com/holland-codes-career-tests/
Holland’s Six Personality Types. (n.d). Retrieved from https://www.careerkey.org/choose-a-career/holland-personality-types.html#.XcFe8lOnydM
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My Rosary Testimony

During my infancy, I was diagnosed with asthma some time after I was born. The doctor prescribed some drugs for me and the asthma inhaler was given to my mum to administer it anytime I had an attack. According to my mum, she told the doctor; “I’m not taking it because my faith tells me that, my daughter doesn’t have asthma”. She left the doctor’s office with me and headed home. She put me to sleep and did some house chores.

After a while, she heard a loud cry. She rushed to the hall wondering what could be happening to me. She placed her hand on my body and realized that, my right leg was fragile. She felt no bone. Just flesh. Coming from a staunch Catholic family, she placed her rosary in a bowl of water, prayed over it and sprinkled it on my body especially my right leg. Suddenly, I stopped crying and slept again. She left me to see to her chores. Shortly after, she heard the loud cry again. She touched my leg and realized that, the bone was intact as if nothing happened and noticed that I was breathing normal. She had a broad smile on her face and raised her hand in thanksgiving.

Today, here I am breathing without any complications and walking without any surgery done. What more can I ask for?

We are in the rosary month. If you haven’t prayed the rosary before, please do so this month. If my miracle was in just 1 day and you have 31 days to pray the rosary, then you have 31 miracles waiting for you.

Don’t feel shy to pray the rosary wherever you find yourself. I just finished praying mine in a public transport, popularly known as “trotro”.

I’ll be waiting to hear your testimony 😊. If you have one, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it for others to be encouraged.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mystical Rose, intercede for us today, tomorrow and forever, Amen.